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We work together and are responsible to oversee the operations and make sure Unsung Heroes Foundation LTD is working towards achieving its charitable purpose.


Unsung Heroes Foundation Trust fully support organisations to achieve their goals that are wholly committed to;

  1. advancing health and wellbeing of current and serving military and first responders

  2. assist current and serving military and first responders toward active lifestyle and mateship

  3. advancing social welfare of current and serving military and first responders

  4. promoting mutual respect and tolerance


The board is committed to acting with care and due diligence, being responsible and accountable for;

  1. making sure the charity meets its obligations to members

  2. managing its finances

  3. operating transparently

  4. setting the charity’s long-term goals

  5. making sure it pursues its charitable purposes

  6. securing funding and other resources to support the work of the charity and organisations the charity supports

  7. representing the charity to the community and to its members and stakeholders

  8. making sure the charity is run as required under its governing document and the law


Using different postures, meditation, breathing, and other tools can provide many health benefits. Those who have experienced trauma and practice yoga often see positive changes.


Yoga helps improve flexibility, strength, and balance. By focusing on your body's position and breathing and is a true 'mind-body' activity. The physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation help bring the mind and body together, leading to being calmer and more relaxed. 


Art Therapy, Dance Therapy, Psychology, are just a few. Engaging in mindfulness activities unlocks mental clarity, promotes inner peace and enriches lives by helping you to better understand your thoughts and emotions.


Helping Veterans and First Responders to take a better-balanced approach to mental health issues while making a positive impact on your relationships, work, productivity and your everyday life.